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How to Calculate Federal Tax Withholding?

calculate federal tax withholdingTo calculate federal tax withholding is always a hot topic especially that it has to do with income taxes. Some factors affecting it include withholding allowances number, marital status, semi-monthly gross earning amount, TIAA/CREF retirement contributions or Public Employees Retirement Systems to figure out the amount to withhold. If you wonder what demand forecasting techniques are most accurate you may visit our site.

To calculate federal income tax withholding, you should find out the total amount of your withholding allowances or exemptions as mentioned in your W-4 form by performing multiplication of each exemption by the semi-monthly total of $164.60. Then, you will have to subtract or lessen the salary deductions, including CREF/TIAA, PERS or health insurance premium from the gross earnings, semi-monthly.  After, you have to subtract the first step from the second step to calculate federal tax withholding from paycheck or your taxable gross wages.  You may want to refer to the latest tables provided by the IRS to calculate tax.

For the 2015 tax rates among individuals filing single status returns, the tax rate is 10% if income is not more than $9,225. For those earning between $9,225 and $37,450, the federal tax is $922.50 (+25% if there is excess over the total max income for this category). If you were earning between $37,450 and $90,750, then you have to pay $5,156.25, added with 25% of any excess amount more than $37,450.

To get a complete list of taxes for heads of households, married individuals filing separate returns and married individuals filing joint return, you can refer to IRS, Revenue Procedure 2014-61. Besides, you may know more about what are the basis of econometric models and forecasts on our site.

Be professional in question how to calculate federal tax withholding use only reliable sources!

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