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What Is the Specific of Climate Change Economics and Policy?

climate change economicsClimate change economics is a hot topic because climate change affects economics, and one main problem is agriculture and farming. It can be fairly said that climate change be better called climate volatility due to an unknown positive drift. Maybe a bit colder in the UK, a bit hotter in other parts of the world or a bit of more or less rain are some factors, which can be addressed if the people would know, or at least, have an idea about the possible or probable consequences or outcomes.

Unfortunately, many people do not. For instance, the EU and the US both have nationalized the agriculture industry, wherein farmers are merely franchise holders of a business. Consequently, the government provides marketing, insurance, research and studies on relevant issues and loans. Sometimes they even provide training of the staff, and when needed cooperates in order to mitigate any gross violation of food handling rational and legal standards.

In this system, the farmers are provided with cheap loans and below cost insurance by the governments, meaning it is criminal offense if other countries harvest would compete with its own products, and when necessary that the franchisees or farmers have to be protected, the state buys up food to cover up shortages for example. Bottom line of economics of climate change is that the government selling is putting options below cost when times of volatility are increasing, but that will be expensive to push up the food price faster than ways to adapt to climate change, implying we may be in effect of putting up taxes to push up the food prices further.

After all, no one can really tell if there are climate change pros. Besides, London property price predictions are hot topics among students and professionals in business and economics, and many are asking why house prices rise.

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