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Writing Economics Dissertation Proposal: What Should You Know

economics dissertation proposal

Image credit: maths.leeds.ac.uk

Economics dissertation proposal is not easy to do because you need to make sure that you will propose the perfect title to your professor. It must be good that it will impress him but to do this you are required to do extensive research.

What is Economics Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal in economics is required to students to conduct a study on certain subject or area they want. It is essential that it must be well written to deliver a good paper to your professor. The dissertation must be related to current events.

Ideas on Dissertation Economics

We’ve prepared a list of the best economics dissertation topics for you.

  1. Does free market still require minimal amount of the government invention to operate effectively?
  2. Is it possible to experience perfect competition with internet and other advances?
  3. Price elasticity: Related to Sports Club whether businesses maximize revenues
  4. Capitalism analysis in 21st century
  5. Case study on major supermarkets
  6. The use of cost benefit analysis
  7. Analysis on why quasi-public goods cannot be given to private firms
  8. Analysis of superior and inferior goods
  9. Effect of immigration to the economy
  10. How European Central Bank stimulate economy of European Union during financial crisis

Main Requirements for Dissertation in Economics

  • Students must passed at least 6 economics courses
  • Students must need to pass written examinations in macro and microeconomics. Students can take it in May or late of August.
  • Students must met 2 honors requirements that specified by Graduate School
  • Students must at least take 14 semester courses in relation to the program
  • Students should at least received an HP in their courses taken
  • Students must need to submit draft of their applied econometrics paper

It is not easy to do dissertation economics because there are requirements that should be met and submit. You cannot just begin to write a dissertation when you do not qualify in doing it. The dissertation is required for students but before they can able to do it, it is essential that they complete all the needed courses.

When you complete all the requirements and you have a topic; start writing your dissertation economics today!

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